Hello all,

This is my Fae campaign, meant to destroy, liquify or at the very least maim my player characters.

The Setting: All player characters have been under surveilance for weeks. Deemed worthy, they are all lead unwiitingly to step into a fairy ring on a blue moon. This game starts as there foot hits the seemingly innocent grass surrounded by smug mushrooms.

A daughter has been born to the Unseelie court, and everyone is celebrating, everyone who knows whats good for them. A pavilion of tents stretching for miles has sprung up, covering nearly the entire tract of land that makes up ‘The Meadows’. The actual night of the new Princess’ coronation wont be for a fortnight, but that many unseelie fae in one gathering gets a tad bit…rowdy. A lesser Prince of the Unseelie is in charge of all the ‘arrangements’ involved in keeping a group of fae that large entertained without destroying half the realm.

The players are a part of that ‘entertainment.’

Rules for Players:

Level 10 start LA 5 cap Templates allowed Two Flaws Races on Dms discretion 49,000 starting gold 3.5 only, but all books open sans psionic handbook, Tomb of Nine Swords (That includes d20modern and 20future, with the hopes of a more dimensionaly mixed party) Dm assent required for certain exotic weapons and feats.

Fae Dimension